Top 5 Most Expensive Chopsticks

Top 5 Most Expensive Chopsticks

Extravagant & Expensive

When it comes to luxury, high prices often follow suit, but are they truly justified? In this post, we'll explore whether the cost of luxury chopsticks reflects their value by examining craftsmanship, aesthetic appeal, and brand prestige. Join us as we review the top 5 most expensive chopsticks in the world.

1. Erotic Jewelry $139,000 Golden Chopsticks

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In Gold Coast, Australia, a jeweler has designed one of the most expensive chopsticks in the world, valued at $139,000. Paul Amey, the master goldsmith of Erotic Jewellery Company, created these 18-carat gold chopsticks, which took 340 hours to complete. He told 7NEWS Sydney, "I elected to use only the finest materials available, and I make no excuses or apologies for their eccentricity and extravagance."

Adorned with diamonds, pearls, and ebony, these luxurious utensils were made to enhance high-end Chinese dining. While crafted out of Amey's appreciation for fine dining, his expertise as a jeweler is evident in the design. The pearl at the end of one chopstick is detachable and can be worn as a necklace.

These one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted utensils, featuring intricate designs and precious materials, fully justify their extravagant price.

2. World of Diamonds $17,000 Chopsticks 

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Backin 20216, World of Diamonds unveiled an extravagant experience centered around the Jane Seymour Blue Diamond Ring, valued at $2 million. Alongside this stunning piece, the buyer receives what are claimed to be at the time the world’s most expensive chopsticks, valued at $17,000 per pair.

Each set is meticulously crafted from 925 sterling silver, adorned with 42 round brilliant diamonds totaling 4.20 carats, and finished with white and yellow gold plating. The chopsticks feature a floral motif and offer custom engraving options.

The entire purchase includes a luxurious package featuring a private cruise, helicopter tour, an 18-course dinner, and 10,000 roses, billed as the world’s most expensive dinner experience.

In light of the entire experience and the incorporation of precious metals and stones, along with customizable engraving, the pair of chopsticks is rightfully valued at $17,000 within the context of a $2 billion dining experience.

3. Samuel Waterhouse $3,840 Fine Gold and Sterling Silver Chopsticks


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While Erotic Jewelry's chopsticks are brimming with baroque opulence, Waterhouse takes a different approach with a design inspired by antiquity, particularly ceramics and ancient art. In a Homes&Antiques interview, he expressed, "It’s something about the simplicity of these subjects that’s so wonderful."

In Western culture, there's a preference for lustrous silverware, similar to Chinese views on luxury. Contrastingly, Japanese aesthetics appreciate the tarnished and cloudy gleam of lacquerware, as highlighted in Jun'ichirō Tanizaki's essay "In Praise of Shadows." Waterhouse's chopsticks, crafted from fine gold and sterling silver, feature a carefully matte finish that captures the dim and cloudy aesthetics of Japanese craftsmanship.

Given their combination of fine precious metals and thoughtful design, these chopsticks justify their price of £3,000.

4. Two Pairs of Louis Vuitton's $1,640 Branded Chopsticks

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The piece that stirred the most controversy emerged in an Instagram reel revealing Louis Vuitton's gold-color stainless steel chopsticks priced at a steep $1,640. While such pricing is expected from a high-end brand, the critical audience pointed out that production costs likely hover around $7. These mass-produced utensils are crafted from inexpensive materials, leading many to question whether the price justifies owning a branded but otherwise mundane item.

Adding to the astonishment, these same chopsticks are listed for $4,999 on 1st Dibs. They constitute a limited-edition series expected to appreciate over time, accompanied by a natural cowhide branded pouch and individual stands for each pair. Considering the original price, the set of two pairs proves a more affordable and enjoyable option for couples compared to Prada's higher individual pricing.

5. Prada's $975 White Chopstick Set for Dining

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While Louis Vuitton relies solely on their brand and luxury appeal, Prada distinguishes itself by integrating practicality with luxury through an original screw-fastening design. These stainless steel chopsticks can be disassembled to fit into a branded Prada pouch, combining ease of portability with stylish utility.

However, it's important to note these chopsticks are mass-produced from stainless steel, a practical yet inexpensive material, raising questions about their high price. Is it justified to pay nearly a thousand dollars for chopsticks that, stripped of the Prada logo, could cost as little as $5 on eBay?

Considering items like Supreme branded bricks selling for $800, investing in Prada chopsticks may indeed offer a more substantial return in perceived value for your money.

Affordable Luxury

While some may view these prices as extravagant, we've only scratched the surface of the most expensive chopsticks on the market. Numerous other sets offer value, uniqueness, luxury, and branding at more reasonable prices.

While we're proud that PIVS is the only branded chopsticks made entirely of fine silver, it's important to recognize other brands in this category.

Probably the most renowned are the Hermès chopsticks made of sterling silver and wood, available for resale on platforms like eBay and 1st Dibs. Prices vary widely due to their discontinued status, ranging from a modest $250 to a higher $1,105 for a set depending on the seller.

In recent years, Christofle has emerged alongside Hermès with their designs, the most luxurious probably being their ebony wood and partially rose gold-gilded chopsticks adorned with decorative motifs, priced at $350.

Last but not least, Eatingtools offers their artisanal signed designs in sterling silver for around $550, with varying prices based on the specific pair. 

With the growing appreciation for Asian cuisine in the West, we expect to see a new interest in luxurious chopsticks, mirroring our appreciation for the the fine craftsmaship of any other tableware.