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More than just chopsticks, our artisanal series are unique in their design and exclusive in their quality.

Explore our past designs and get an early look at the upcoming series. Reserve yours through preorders, available two months before the public release.

Authenticity is assured – only genuine PIVS chopsticks include certificates of authenticity.



Weighing 36g with an exquisite inlay, the Princeps series was first shown to the public in late 2022.

The first series counts a total of 200 pairs. This series is simple, elegant and classy.




Fidelitas Series has been made in a total of 510 numbered pairs and is made of 53g of purest silver.

First commercially available in 2023, this series is made with universal and adaptable appeal, making it equally suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

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Launching in 2024, the Augur series is poised to usher in a year of prosperity and good fortune.

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