About PIVS

PIVS as an homage

The PIVS brand draws its inspiration from and pays tribute to the great Roman emperor, Antoninus Pius, who ruled from 138 to 161 AD. A man of unwavering moral character, he was celebrated for his commitment to fairness, justice, and mercy, and is fondly remembered as one of the "Five Good Emperors" of the Roman Empire.

A Legacy of Virtue

Emperor Antoninus Pius left an indelible mark on history for his virtuous rule. He was renowned for his wisdom, earning the affection of his subjects and the title of one of the empire's finest leaders. Among his notable achievements was his pioneering effort to foster diplomatic relations between the Roman Empire and the Han Empire. Although he passed away in 161 AD, the first recorded expedition he sanctioned to China arrived in 166 AD, a testament to his vision of forging international connections.

The Patron of the Arts

Not only was Antoninus Pius a paragon of just governance, but he was also a dedicated patron of the arts. Under his reign, numerous public projects, including temples, aqueducts, and public baths, were commissioned, substantially elevating the quality of life for his subjects. He also supported the philosopher and stoic teacher, Epictetus, who imparted wisdom to the people of Rome during his rule. Antoninus Pius, through his devotion to improving the well-being of his empire's citizens, cemented his legacy as a ruler of unparalleled competence.

A Timeless Legacy

Antoninus Pius's legacy has transcended the ages, and he remains a symbol of stability, justice, and prosperity in the annals of the Roman Empire's history. Today, he is celebrated for his profound impact on Roman society. In the same vein, the PIVS brand aspires to provide you with timeless tableware, a symbol of quality, elegance, and a commitment to enhancing your dining experience.