Shipping and Returns Policy

Shipping method

All items are shipped either via registered priority airmail, EMS, or DHL depending on your country. The buyer will be provided a tracking number with whom you can trace the item’s location at any given time. 

Processing time 

We send all items within 48 hours of payment being received on a working day. In case we are on holiday the item will be shipped the first next working day. This does not apply to items that need an export permit. 

Combined shipping 

Combined shipping is available and already calculated in the price.

Other carriers In case the buyer requests another carrier as UPS, DHL or another, it’s imperative that you notify them before payment. In case you already paid for regular shipping the items will be shipped via the regular shipping method (see above).   


Please be aware that you may be charged by the customs office in your country. There are no hidden expenses like sales or export taxes unless specified in the item’s description.


A buyer is not entitled to a refund because the tracking number is not showing. We urge all the buyers to be a little patient because sometimes items get opened at customs and thus won’t be cleared for sending and thus the tracking number will be void for the duration of the inspection. However, a refund will be considered but not before 45 days from the date of purchase. We urge all the buyers to familiarize themselves with the laws of the countries of residence. 

Delay in shipping 

Some items may end up at customs inspections so we will kindly ask you to be patient while such inspections take place because they can cause a delay in the delivery time. Also, there is a possibility that some items may end up in customs inspection in your country. Sometimes it’s a lengthy process, especially for buyers from the US, France, Italy, and LATAM.

We urge buyers from those countries to be patient with delivery. Do you have any additional questions? Feel free to contact us.